USPS Is Losing $1 Billion A Quarter. How Long Can It Survive?

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) reported two troubling numbers for its most recent quarter. The first is that revenue was flat at just above $17 billion. The other was that it lost $1.1 billion for the period that ended June 30. Both figures, particularly the loss, beg the question why the country needsĀ 497,157 career employees and 31,324 retail post offices.

There have been several powerful arguments that the USPS is too large, some of which date back decades. The first of these is that delivering mail six days a week is unnecessary. Letters and items that need rush delivery can be carried via the USPS’s own overnight system, or those of FedEx and United Parcel Services (UPS). Each of the private companies can make deliveries virtually everywhere the USPS does. There are very few items that require daily delivery, particularly because so much of what is delivered each day is “junk mail,” mostly collections of advertising and marketing items, which generally are not time-sensitive.

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Douglas McIntyre