USPS Gives Its Regulator A Budget Boost – But Not Enough For ‘Increased Capacity’

The Postal Service’s regulator is getting a bigger budget to oversee a nationwide shakeup of the USPS delivery network — just not as big of an increase as it expected.

The USPS Board of Governors recently approved a $21.12 million budget for the Postal Regulatory Commission in fiscal 2024. USPS said that “combined with the PRC’s other resources,” the commission will have $27.2 million to spend next fiscal year.

The USPS Board of Governors held a closed-door meeting last Friday.

USPS said the commission’s FY 2024 budget is a 28% spending increase, compared to its estimated spending for fiscal 2023, and a 47% increase over the PRC’s actual expenses in fiscal 2022. The commission requested increased funding to oversee sweeping USPS network changes central to its 10-year Delivering for America (DFA) plan.

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Jory Heckman