Postmaster General Previews New Reforms As USPS Announces $9B Loss For 2020

The embattled top executive of the U.S. Postal Service is promising new and bold reforms of the mailing agency in the months ahead, as he announced a net financial loss of $9.2 billion in fiscal 2020.

With the spotlight of the 2020 election behind him, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy will seek to reinstitute operational and workforce changes that he said are necessary to put USPS on firmer financial footing. DeJoy initially tried to institute sweeping reforms immediately after taking office this summer, but faced significant backlash in the runup to an election with a record-setting number of mailed ballots. His changes were subsequently paused by a series of injunctions in federal court. Those rulings have, so far, primarily impacted postal operations before and in the immediate aftermath of the election, leaving DeJoy an opportunity to renew his efforts to overhaul USPS going forward.

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Eric Katz