Consumer Postal Council

The mission of the Consumer Postal Council is to make postal service better in the United States and worldwide.

We identify what works and what needs to change by:

  • Examining trends and best practices concerning pricing, regulation, and technological deployment.
  • Looking at best practices internationally, on a stand-alone and comparative basis.
  • Reviewing the challenges faced by the U.S. Postal Service along with its planned actions.
  • Sharing our findings with the public, policy makers and media.

We promote world-class programs and policies that increase productivity, transparency, and eliminate distortions and inefficiencies stemming from monopolies. In addition, we help policy makers and those advocating for postal efficiency and innovation by providing them with key information and analysis.

For consumers using domestic and international mail, these are both challenging times and periods of unprecedented opportunity. Drones and advanced electronic data are among the exciting developments. The decline in mail volume and the terminal dues regimen are areas of great concern, especially in the United States, Canada and Europe.

As postal services enter this new era we are committed to helping consumers have high quality, superb service and to help create a “postal future” that is bright and strong for all.