Postal Policy Lunch

Washington, DC

The Honorable Roger E. Kodat

Deputy Assistant Secretary

Department of the Treasury


Mr. Denis A. Breen

Assistant Director Economic Policy Analysis

Bureau of Economics

Federal Trade Commission


Ms. Shelley Dreifuss

Director, Office of the Consumer Advocate

Postal Regulatory Commission


Ms. Ann C. Fisher

Chief of Staff, Office of the Chairman

Postal Regulatory Commission


Mr. Derek Hunter

Americans for Tax Reform


Mr. Jim Martin


60 Plus Association


Ms. Kristina Rasmussen

Senior Government Affairs Manager

National Taxpayers Union


Mr. Michael Ravnitzky

Staff Assistant to Commissioner Ruth Goldway

Postal Regulatory Commission

Mr. Sam Ryan

Senior Fellow

Lexington Institute


Mr. Robert R. Schrum

Research Fellow

Lexington Institute


Dr. Michael Schuyler

Senior Economist

Institute for Research on Economics of Taxation


Mr. Steve Sharfman

General Counsel

Postal Regulatory Commission


Ms. Linda Sherry

Editorial Director

Consumer Action


Mr. Don Soifer

Executive Director

Consumer Postal Council


Mr. John D. Waller

Senior Director, Office of Rates, Analysis & Planning

Postal Regulatory Commission


Index of Postal Freedom

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